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Foster Parenting

Fostering for 4 The Love of K9’s 

We are always looking for new Foster Homes!  Please join our family of dedicated professionals. Foster homes are the most critical component of our program! 4 The Love of K9’s provides for all necessary medical expenses and provides all of the basic supplies needed for fostering. While the dog is in your care we begin our networking and search to find that dog the perfect forever home. You are invited to be a part of this important process because you will be able to provide us and the prospective adopter the necessary information they wish to know about the dog.  

About Foster Care

Why Is It So Important for Dogs to be Fostered?

Foster homes are the reason we can save so many lives because we don’t have a facility. Currently we have a need for qualified fosters to help us save as many lives as possible. Fostering a dog insured that we know everything we can possibly know about that dog and insured quality placement. The rewards are endless from instant companionship to knowing you are saving a life.  

4 The Love of K9’s will provide you with the following essentials to make sure that there is as little a burden placed on you as possible:

» All veterinary expenses (using one of our partner vets)

» Food

» Flea Treatment/Prevention & Heart Worm Protection

» Crate (if needed)

What Do Foster Parents Do?

Pet foster parents are very much like child foster parents. You care for a your dog as if he or she is your own pet until they are adopted.  By fostering you are that pets voice! You  learn about your dogs  personality, likes and dislikes, details like whether they need a dog companion or do they like to sleep in your bed or be cuddled all the time? We ask that our fosters bring their dog to and from our monthly adoption events at Tractor Supply in Nixa and occasionally other events we have. This helps the public meet and greet your dog. We also ask that you network your dog on social media and by taking them out in public with a provided “Adopt Me” Bandana! A foster is also responsible for getting their dog to and from the vet clinics and providing them the at home medical care they may need such as eye or ear drops. 

Fostering Dogs Work Because:

» Dogs receive one-on-one personal attention in a loving home and your interaction and feedback helps place them more quickly. 

» Many dogs have had a lot of change and negative experiences and being in a home allows them to decompress and learn what having a loving family is all about. 

» They can regain their confidence and ability to love in a home environment.

» We insure all of their medical needs are met while in the home and it’s the right environment to recover from any necessary medical care such as spay/neuter. 

» Dogs learn important social skills by living in a home. 

Application: Please fill out and submit our online foster care application. 

 After your application has been submitted and reviewed, you will be contacted by one of our volunteers to schedule a visit to your home. State  law requires a home visit for all new foster families. During this friendly visit, our volunteer  will come to your home to get to know you and your family and other pets. We will asses your lifestyle and desires which will help us determine the right dog for your home. 

At this time we will strive to answer all of your questions to the best of our ability. 

Testimonals of a Foster Parent

I foster a specific breed at 4 The Love of K9’s. In the past 2 years I consider myself so fortunate to have fostered more than 20 dogs and been involved in their placement. For me, it’s like Christmas morning each time I get a new dog in. My pack loves the fosters and helps them overcome any issues they might have. It’s very rewarding to see a dog that is shy or shut down blossom into a loving confident pet! I can’t imagine not fostering more dogs. The rescue does a great job of placing them and providing me with all the necessary things I might need. They respect and use my feedback in helping these dogs find there forever homes. 



Hi, my name is Sarah and have been fostering for about 4 and a half months. I had been wanting to foster for years but was held back by my own fears! I finally decided to take the leap and foster. Every dog that comes through my home gives me the chance to learn something new. My current foster is a sweetie named Benji. He’s helping me learn how to think outside the box and get creative! Letting go of each foster is a unique experience. Its heartwarming to look back on how the dog first came to me and then how they left with their new families. I’ve found that fostering is such a rewarding experience and I’m so glad that I took that leap of faith!